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HOXTON fit out of new adjoining workspace for Missouri Creative

Outside looking inside

Missouri Creative is a growing creative design company in Hoxton with a clear image of how they would like their new adjoining workspace to look, adding to and complementing their existing workplace.

Providing us with a comprehensive and striking design concept our two design teams worked closely together to develop and finalise the overall design and identify the full scope of works needed.

The new shell and core space had not undergone much previous refurbishment and the space had a very industrial look which we retained to make the best use of the space and maximise the budget to stamp the corporate image and brand on to the new workspace.

Installing new infrastructure was an essential part for the project. The design and installation of a new MVHR system to provide temperate fresh air, a new fibre backbone connecting the existing offices to the new, as well installing a new CAT6 cable infrastructure, being just some of the key elements that would create a fully functioning and comfortable workplace.

Creating different work areas

A range of different solutions were included to divide the area into separate workspaces and maximise natural light.

  • Folding glass doors to create a light, semi-private meeting room
  • Acoustic curtains to screen off the informal meeting / occasional hot desking area and provide a burst of colour
  • Taller furniture to demarcate entering/leaving the more traditional desk area
looking through the folding door
Acoustic curtains
furniture demarcation

Upgrading the facilities

The washrooms needed a little more attention and Missouri wanted to stamp their branding in this space.

Before and after

We were fortunate that the space was vacant for the duration of the project and we could complete much of the work as a separate unoccupied space.

The two spaces are connected with a communal link through two fire doors allowing the space to be occupied by one company. By installing additional retaining door maglocks the space was compliant in the event of fire but still kept a communal thoroughfare.

To find out more

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